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Founded by award winning British brand consultant, Kubi Springer, BossSquadTV is a digital learning platform designed to help you build your brand, expand your reach and achieve your dreams.

Launched February 2020, BossSquadTV was created to support entrepreneurs to thrive despite the economic downturn. Today we have over 400 members from around the world as part of our global BossSquad community.  


To help you on your journey to financial brand success we have three levels in the BossSquad:

LEVEL 1 BossSquad On-Demand - weekly e-courses and learning materials enabling you to learn in your own time. Plus our monthly BossSquad Collective Event with special guest instructors. Discover More

LEVEL 2 - Mastermind Groups - our quarterly group mentoring programmes enable you to choose the learning of your choice with an industry led expert. Each group meets twice a month with their mentor for bespoke teaching and support on the chosen subject area. Discover More

LEVEL 3 - Mastermind Investment - financial education and branding training that also allows you to make money. build your brand and become your own investor! Discover More


With members from the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Ghana, Nigeria and the USA, we are truly a global force, seeking one thing - to learn from the best and become the best,...without apology. Join Us.

BossSquadTV is owned by She Builds Brands Worldwide Ltd (

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Meet Our Experts

Kubi Springer

Founder and Award Winning Brand Marketing Expert (UK)

Rebekah Roy

Creative Director & Stylist

(UK and Canada)

Brandon Green

Leadership, Business Structure  & Sales (USA)

Sophie Medd

Head of Fundraising at Business in the Community (UK)

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Jordan Pitt

Video Production & Editing (UK)

A Guy & A Gurl

Style Duo (USA)


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Megan Kate Gruber

Positive Psychology (Australia)

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Haddy Folivi

PR Consultant (UK)

Clarity Media Comms

"The journey to success is hard. But it should never be lonely."

Kubi Springer, Founder of BossSquadTV