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Business Consultation

MasterMind Group

Build Your Consultancy,Coaching
Or Service Brand

What is it?

This Mastermind Group is designed for those wanting to be consultants, coaches or running a service based business. 

Whether you are developing a personal brand or business brand, this group is designed for those who need the information on how to build a brand that impacts others. 

Starts Monday 11th January 2022

Coaching/Consultat sign up

Who is it for?

It is designed for solo entrepreneurs and micro businesses seeking to launch or enhance their consultancy, coaching or service-based business. This includes, but is not limited to; professional service consultants such as Financial Advisors, Event Consultants and Lawyers, as well as coaches such as Life Coaches, Career Coaches and Fitness Coaches, plus service-based business such as Salons, Wellness Centres, Caters and Rental Property Management.


You will learn:

  • CCS business structures in this 'new normal'

  • Fundamentals to building a CCS brand

  • Brand culture: the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of the branded organisation

  • Brand experience: brand touchpoints / brand touchpoint mapping / social media

  • Brand marketing; traditional and digital marketing that drives sales

  • Brand standards: brand guardian / brand book / brand guidelines

  • Employer branding: the benefits of a strong employer brand / brand champion / brand ambassador

  • Brand protection: intellectual property / new revenue streams

  • Legal and financial frameworks for CCS businesses

*CCS - Consulting, Coaching and Service business

Business Presentation

What are the learning outcomes:

MasterMind Mentor

Headshot 2019.jpg

Kubi Springer

International Brand Marketing Expert

How does it work?

How to be a consultant/coach

What does it include?

Each group includes the following


Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (BST)


Support Groups

With your mentor


3 Months Course

On this focused topic

Virtual Team Meeting

Monthly Collective

Every 4th Sunday of the month

2 Mentoring
Sessions Per Month

What else do I get?

Full access to the BossSquad On-Demand Hub

Studying Online



Weekly e-courses will be delivered in bite size formats. Each video will cover a specific topic of the month with a comprehensive breakdown of each segment within the overall topic.

New videos will be uploaded every Sunday starting Sunday 3rd July 2021.


Workbooks and Business Templates

Each e-course will have an accompanying workbook as well as business templates that you can use and apply to your brand/business.

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at


Monthly Collectives

Join a monthly conversation with Kubi Springer, International Brand Consultant or one of our experts on the last Sunday of the month, where you can gain in-depth industry knowledge, connect with fellow members and network for new opportunities.


Exclusive content from our experts

Get in-depth knowledge from specific topics from our vast curation of industry leading experts. From PR to Funding, Brand Photography and Mindset Shift, we have it covered.

Virtual Team Meeting

How long does it last?

Each Mastermind Group lasts 1 quarter (three months)

Join your mastermind group today!

£180 per quarter

  • 2 mentoring sessions per month

  • 3 months course on a focused topic

  • WhatsApp support groups

  • Bite size videos (every Sunday)

  • ​Monthly collectives with members all over the world

  • Exclusive content from our experts

  • Downloadable workbooks and templates

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