Level 2

MasterMind Group

Brand Wealth Creation

Monday 31st January 2022  - Monday 7th March 2022

This six-week mentoring course will provide you with the knowledge to build your personal brand for your long-term wealth creation.

How does it work?

Group Calls

Weekly 2-hour group sessions with your mentor

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Sessions are recorded and available for replays, allowing you to watch back the learning at any point during the six-weeks

Checking the news online

Access to the SBB Academy online learning hub


Downloadable worksheets with key learning outcomes

What you will learn

£180 per space
Doors close Sunday 30th January

  • Wealth creation mindset - how to prepare your thinking for financial gains, revieing your money mindset and cognitive behaviour around money and wealth

  • Financial literacy - an in-depth review of the financial knowledge you need for your personal brand growth

  • Financial vision - identify the vision for your financial wealth and the budget planning needed to achieve it

  • Financial discipline - establishing the strategy required to obtain the financial growth needed for wealth creation


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