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MasterMind Retreat

Build your brand with this exclusive and intensive retreat!

Mind, body and branding. Aswell as building your brand, we must also take care of our bodies and our mind.

What does it include?
Education. Growth. Reform.

A Supportive Hug


Business Meeting

Growing your brand

Support Group


How does it work?
Yearly invitation to participate.


Faith Building

Business Owner


Coffee with Friends

4 follow up sessions after the retreat

At the Office

Business Retreat

Dinner Party

Networking Opportunities

Work Meeting

Meet industry experts

What else do I get?
Full access to
BossSquad On-Demand Hub


Studying Online


Weekly e-courses will be delivered in bite size formats. Each video will cover a specific topic of the month with a comprehensive breakdown of each segment within the overall topic.

New videos will be uploaded every Sunday starting Sunday 3rd July 2021.


Workbooks and Business Templates

Each e-course will have an accompanying workbook as well as business templates that you can use and apply to your brand/business.



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Monthly Collectives

Join a monthly conversation with Kubi Springer, International Brand Consultant or one of our experts on the last Sunday of the month, where you can gain in-depth industry knowledge, connect with fellow members and network for new opportunities.


Exclusive content from our experts

Get in-depth knowledge from specific topics from our vast curation of industry leading experts. From PR to Funding, Brand Photography and Mindset Shift, we have it covered.

Virtual Team Meeting

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Level 3