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2021 Marketing Trends

5 Marketing Trends for 2021

Here are 5 Marketing Trends for 2021 from International Brand Expert, Kubi Springer:

  1. Social media is now the top purchasing channel, not just a discovery channel - Social media is now more than a discovery channel, social media has shown to change partnership and call to actions.

  2. Informed buyers want informed brands - You need to be a thought leader and get informed by skim reading the trade daily. You say you are an expert but are you informed?

  3. Virtual events are here to stay - Companies have realised the benefits of virtual events vs a physical event. Why? 1. ROI is higher than a physical event 2. It is more convenient 3. It opens up global markets.

  4. Live videos in 2020 saw 80% ROI - If you haven't done so, you need to start going live. Remember to be consistent and be aware of your buying cycle.

  5. Build your brand content communities - Communities are 2.5 times more effective than traditional marketing. Having brand content communities encourages co-creation, gives you data and expands your reach.

More more information, re-watch the live here

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