Does Your Child Need A Brand?

Have you ever wished that, as a child, you had somebody who recognized your natural gifts and talents and made the conscious decision to nurture them to fruition? In today’s episode of The BossSquad Radio Show, Brand Expert Kubi Springer talks about her experiences with her highly-creative daughter, Angel, and how she is helping her build a brand with marketable skills that will help shape her future.

Be on the Lookout for Talent

As Kubi says, “If we have little people in our is our responsibility to look out, with intention and purpose, for our child’s gifts and talents and nurture it.” What is your child naturally good at? Where does he or she shine? From the minute Kubi’s daughter was two years old, she saw that she had the gift for the performing arts: she loved to dance, was an extrovert, and enjoyed expressing herself. So how did Kubi nurture this? Slowly. Instead of putting Angel in dance class 7 days a week, or hiring a stagecoach, or pressuring her to practice for hours each day, she used her own contacts to look out for opportunities that would help her and her daughter test the waters until she was ready for more consistent preparation.

Formal Training

What age is the right age to begin to formalize your child’s training? Kubi believes that eight is an excellent age because children are becoming more conscious of the world around them. And if with this awareness, they are still asking you to pursue their dreams, you know they are serious about it. Once Angel reached eight years old, Kubi felt that she was old enough to pursue consistent creative education and build up exposure through social media.

Children and Social Media

With the correct security measures, supervision, and training, having a social media presence for your child is a beneficial and strategic move for their future success. Whether it be Instagram, or a YouTube channel, or a website, the social footprint they create will become a living example of their talent, skills, and personality. This is a perfect way to show off their experience to private schools, colleges, and scholarship boards in the form of a digital portfolio. The one thing Kubi suggests is learning the platforms alongside your child, and always making it clear to followers that you manage the accounts, their parent, as shown in the picture below.

In addition, if your child is involved in the creative arts, the job search climate is no longer limited to in-person auditions and casting calls. Directors, publishers, record labels, and casting agents look directly to social media content to feel whether a Talent is hirable. That means that as soon as your child feels they are ready to begin sharing their gifts with the world, start creating those social media accounts to let them step into their spotlight!

Building a brand for your child is not a practice that will hold them back but instead set a foundation for greatness. The skills, training, and knowledge they will learn along the way will help them achieve the life of their dreams and nurture them into beautiful, well-rounded human beings. Support them in their gifts and talents, and watch them shine!

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