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We are currently living in a world where people are craving human connection, especially from brands. Gone are the days where a business can post a photo of their product or service and receive instant success. - they want to hear from you! When it comes to building your brand, it is essential to provide your audience with opportunities to see your face on social media platforms and interact one-on-one. The good news is that the rise of live video has made this tactic a daily possibility for entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers. However, even though live video has been a critical player in the marketing game since 2015 (remember Periscope?), many brands hesitate to take advantage of this feature.

Don't make this mistake!

On Episode 4 of the "BossSquad Radio Show" , Brand Expert Kubi Springer shares not only the importance of streaming live but her top 5 tips on how to master the art of live video.


Focus is key in business, and the addition of live video is no exception. Ask yourself, "What is my mission for this video?". Before pressing that GO LIVE button, you must know how this tactic will fall into your brand strategy. An excellent way to do this is by deciphering what your audience wants, why they should care, and how their needs support your brand's vision. As Kubi says, "So many people are doing lives, you want to make sure whatever you are giving is real value."


Finding your niche means serving a small, specialized audience within your industry. The more you are niched, the more people will think of you when they need or want something in their life. For example, you are listening to "The BossSquad Radio Show" because you know Kubi Springer is a brand expert, and she will be dropping valuable information about how to level up your business every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When you plan your video, make sure your topic reflects your niche, so you have an engaged audience who will comment, ask questions, and share your video with their community on social media.


People like repetition and consistency, which is why you must have a structure to your live videos, so they know what to expect. Have a clear beginning, middle, and end to your video, and make sure you have made notes of the key points you want to hit throughout your talk. A standard flow could be:

  • Introducing yourself

  • Introducing the topic and why it is important and be sure to ‘pin’ the topic so those coming into the live at any point can be clear on what is being covered.

  • Your first point

  • Your second point

  • Continuous breaks for comments to engage the audience

  • Recap

  • Closing with a Q&A and call to action

Some other good ideas are re-introducing yourself to new viewers, taking a poll, or inviting people to join you on your live. Stick with a standard structure, and your audience will know what to expect every time they come to watch you on social media.


As a brand, you must work to create a particular culture and experience for your audience, and that should carry over into your live videos. Make sure your background is interesting, you look put-together, your language and presenting style align with your brand’s archetype. If you are feeling camera shy or uncomfortable with the idea of speaking to your followers, consider hiring a professional, such as an acting coach, to help you overcome your fear of going live.


Enhance the quality of your lives with the right equipment.

  • Your mobile phone is a "must" for going live on Instagram, though some platforms will allow you to stream from your desktop or laptop. You can also use a program, such as Be.Live or ECamm to stream to multiple platforms at the same time.

  • Silence your phone so you are not receiving phone calls or texts throughout your live.

  • Use a microphone. Your Apple Airpods or earbuds will work well, or you can invest in a lavalier microphone to clip to your collar or a mini-boom microphone that will pick up your voice.

  • Don’t forget lighting, to ensure you are well lit, but position the lighting high enough to avoid shadows.

If you find that your internet is spotty, you can look into a booster for your WiFi to strengthen your connection, so there are no interruptions.

The most important thing to remember about going live is not to expect perfection right away. As Kubi says, "If you wait to be great, you will never start." Today is the day to put these tips into action and give your audience the connection they are craving from you and your brand.

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