How to Humanise to Monetise

It’s a proven fact: People buy from people - and not just from any person, but from someone they know, like, and trust. Branding is an emotional connection with your desired customer. If you are looking to make money in your business, you must embrace the idea that you must humanise to monetise.

On this episode of the “BossSquad Radio Show,” Brand Expert Kubi Springer talks about the importance of showing the person behind the brand on everything from your website to your social media content to the way you speak while networking with potential customers.


If someone visited your website right now, would they see? Stock photos? Blocks of text? Boring icons? The truth is this: there is a lot of digital noise out there, so no matter how “pretty” your website looks, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd by making an emotional connection with the visitor. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Images: Find photos that put a human face to your brand - especially yours!

  • Video: Record a professional-looking video of you introducing yourself so the visitor can get to know you on a personal level.

  • High-Quality Copy: Good copywriting can convert through emotion and storytelling! Make sure your copy reflects your brand voice and brand archetype.

  • Blog: Add value to your website by adding a blog related to your industry and business values.

  • Chatbox: Instead of sending visitors to a “Contact Us” form, install a Chatbox so they can contact you directly.

Social Media

People often forget that the point of social media is to be “social,” so it is the perfect marketing vehicle to use if you want to humanise your brand. The biggest mistake you can make is to treat your social platforms as a sales funnel. Sometimes we go into crisis-mode (our business isn’t doing well, we need clients, we haven’t made our income goal) and start pushing products and services on every post. While it is a good idea to feature your products and services on social media, create a content calendar that rotates your products every six posts and fills the rest with content that shows an emotional connection. (Don’t have a content calendar template? Purchase yours here!). You will find that people care about what you are doing because they are looking for people to relate to, so take advantage of that and have a little fun! Some examples of humanised content are:

  • Behind the scenes photos

  • “A Day in the Life” videos

  • Fun and energetic reels on Instagram

  • “Ask Me Anything” live videos

  • Engagement stickers

  • Personal branding photoshoot

  • Storytelling

A note about Clubhouse: There are ways to humanise to monetise on Clubhouse, the new 100% drop-in audio platform. It is all about tonology and how you present yourself. A few “do”s and “dont”s:

  • Don’t: Go onto the stage and talk too long about your bio. People can read your bio. All they have to do is click on your picture!

  • Do: Summarize your bio, tell them why you are there and how you are going to serve them with a value-add.


From your website to your emails to your social media posts, every piece of marketing content you create must align with your brand framework. In other words, they should always point back to your messaging and values, all while supporting your business goals and objectives. Another thing to consider is your target audience: will they be interested in seeing you with your children, for example? If they are mothers, then absolutely! However, if your stakeholders are technology corporations, you may want to skip the after-nap dance parties. If you are stuck on ideas, don’t be afraid to ask your followers what they are interested in seeing from you. After all, brand building is relationship building, so why not ask your current audience what type of content they want to consume!

Remember that branding is an emotional connection with your desired customer, so if you want to “make the coins”, step out into the spotlight and start creating content that resonates with your audience on a personal level - starting with you.

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