How To Make Money On Clubhouse

The new drop-in audio app, Clubhouse, is taking 2021 by storm. Entrepreneurs, creators, and hustlers are flocking to the latest social media platform to network with like-minded individuals and learn and share their expertise with upwards of hundreds of listeners in a single virtual room.

The benefit of Clubhouse is that not only is it audio-only (a massive plus for those on-the-go or who don't have time to change out of their pajamas), but it allows users to make real-time connections that can quickly turn into contacts, prospects, and paying clients.

Clubhouse can be highly addictive, which is why you need to be strategic about the way you approach this new social network. On today's episode of the "Boss Squad Radio Show," Brand Expert Kubi Springer breaks down how you can effectively use Clubhouse for your business so you can turn those connections into "coins."

1. Optimise Your Bio

Clubhouse is about relationship-building and connecting with others, which means that your bio must speak to users who use the platform.

First-person - Write your bio in a more casual format instead of how you would present yourself on LinkedIn.

Use emojis. The Clubhouse algorithm uses emojis to show you relevant rooms in your feed. For example, if you are a beauty influencer, use the "lipstick" emoji in your copy.

State your "why." - Tell the reader why you are on Clubhouse. Is it to network? Learn? Create partnerships? This will help you connect with the right people.

Show you're the "real deal." Drop evidence of your success by naming clients, publications, or other media appearances to show that you have clout in your industry. As Kubi says, "If you want to stand out against the noise, you want to make sure in your bio, you are evidencing you are real-deal."

Keep it short - Stay concise, and avoid exaggerations. Google is powerful and will reveal the truth about anything!

Choose one platform - There is a place in your bio to share your direct Instagram and Twitter handle, but Kubi suggests that you only choose one social media platform to drive traffic. Doing this will keep all of your correspondences in one place, making it easier to move people swiftly into your sales funnel.

2. Get Onstage

Everyone room has a moderator that will be running the show. However, they will often allow you to raise your hand and get onstage with them! Here are some Clubhouse etiquette tips that will make you look like a "pro":

Mute your mic - There is nothing worse than hearing background noise, chewing, or chatter while trying to listen to someone speak, so be respectful and click the "mute" button until the moderator calls on you to talk.

Be prepared - Have a brief introduction ready at all times, and be prepared to give evidence of your expertise.

Be quick - Keep your question concise and to-the-point. If you begin with a long-winded backstory, you will lose those listeners who could have potentially turned into followers, clients, or customers.

Add "gems." - At the end of your turn, don't be afraid to share something relevant to the topic. You can introduce this by saying, "I have a value-add. Do you mind if I say it?".

Get a pad and paper - It's easy to lay in bed and with your AirPods on while using Clubhouse, but if you are serious about landing clients, treat the experience like a business. Have a notebook ready and refer back to what previous speakers said to show you are a captive and interested listener. And if someone already asked your question, have another one ready!

Stay put - Do not leave the stage on your own accord. Stay on the panel to show other listeners that you are in brand alignment with the moderator.

3. Have a Strategy

The word "strategy" gets tossed around a lot by business owners, so Kubi breaks it down like this: Strategy is the "what" you're going to do. It is the "stepping stone" for your brand and must be established before engaging in tactics. The number one way to begin your strategy is to think of your ideal customer or your ICP (ideal customer profile). Doing this will help you choose the right rooms to occupy. For example, if you are a marketer, you do not want to be in a room full of other marketers fighting for the spotlight. Instead, you want to find a room full of entrepreneurs, business owners, or "side-hustlers." You can narrow this down further by focusing on your specific niche, which Kubi spoke about in her previous episode, "How to Master Live Videos in 2021" (watch here).

4. Big Rooms vs Small Rooms

Clubhouse is made up of "rooms," where the audio chats occur, hosted by a moderator. Some of these rooms are small, and some of them are huge. Additionally, some of them can last fifteen minutes, and some can last up to 24 hours. So, where should you start? If you are not well-versed in public speaking, begin by visiting the more intimate rooms to build up your confidence, practice your introduction, and get a feel for adding value. If you have a solid strategy and are a great communicator, Kubi suggests frequenting the medium to big rooms. Remember: the bigger the room, the bigger the audience, leading to more prospects and customers to convert!

5. Real-Time Conversions

There is a specific flow that you should be aiming for when you use Clubhouse.

  • Find a room with your ideal customer.

  • Get on stage and speak.

  • Ask people to follow you.

  • Tell them to "hit you up" on Instagram/Twitter (remember to choose only one!).

  • Promise them something, such as an ebook or a free guide.

  • Respond to them with a personalized message that you have prewritten and saved to your Notes app on your iPhone. This is so you can respond to them quickly.

You must keep the momentum to convert, and the beauty of Clubhouse is that you can continue listening to a room while you are cruising other social media apps (multi-tasking at it's best). This is the perfect opportunity to get your captive listeners into your sales funnel!

Clubhouse is making waves in the social media landscape, and now is the time to start making it work for you. Apply these tips to your use of Clubhouse, and you will soon see a boost in confidence, an increase of followers, and a surge in your client-base - and income.

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