How to Strategically Transition Your Career

Are you stuck in a job that isn’t a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle? Maybe you have outgrown the occupation, or company you work for doesn’t align with your personal and professional values. Whatever the reason may be, join Brand Expert Kubi Springer in her Q+A session of the “BossSquad Radio Show” as she discusses how a career change is a perfectly healthy avenue to take, as long as you take the time to plan it out carefully and deliberately.

Even though you are eager to make your career change today, it is better to think of this journey as a six-month gameplan. Here are some tips from Kubi that will help you start thinking strategically, not emotionally, about your future career path:

  • Identify your transferable skills. What are you doing in your current industry that would be a good transition to your desired position? For example, perhaps you have been working in construction for years, but you want to move into the fashion industry. One of the skills you might have is project management. Even though fashion and construction are very different, excellent project managers are always needed in fashion, whether in design, production, or entertainment. Think about how that skill (and others) can translate into where you want to be, and start mapping out how to present it as your shining asset.

  • Get intentional. Start learning about the industry. You can do this by reading books, articles, and trade publications with up-to-date information on your field of choice. If you want more of a hands-on approach, join the Clubhouse app and find rooms geared towards your dream job. Experts usually moderate these rooms, and you may receive the opportunity to ask them questions and connect with them on a deeper level (read more about how to utilize Clubhouse for networking here).

  • Be present on social media. Position yourself on social media as somebody interested in learning about the industry. You can do this by writing blog posts about what you have learned and experienced in your research or creating thought-leadership content like videos, graphics, and posts. LinkedIn is the perfect place to start. Participate in discussions on your feed, search hashtags, or join industry-related groups and start connecting with people.

  • Network with the right people. You want to identify three types of people within your new industry: the Experts, the Thought-Leaders, and the Gatekeepers. While it is great to follow the first two on Clubhouse or by watching Live Videos on Instagram or Facebook, the people you genuinely want to seek out are the Gatekeepers (or the “Juniors”). They will be the ones who are entry-level, residing in departments such as accounts payable, human resources, social media management, or customer service. You want to build relationships with the Gatekeepers because they are easier to access than the Experts and Thought-Leaders, and since they may be just starting out as well, they are eager to increase their networks, just like you!

Changing careers may seem like a scary step to take, but often, it is necessary to maintain your happiness, sanity, and to continue your personal/professional growth. Kubi and the BossSquad believe that you should follow your dreams, so go for the gold - do it without apology!

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