Mentoring Programme 6th Workbook | Brand Strategy Part 2

Hey BossSquad,

Here is your second Strategy Workbook.

As you have been learning, your Brand Strategy should encompass your GO-AA-TA. In this workbook we are focusing on the AA's (Awareness & Adaptation) plus your TA's (Target & Application). Remember if you have goals and objectives that are not embedded in the moving trends within your industry you will be setting yourself up to fail. So do the work! Get very clear on the changes in your market, with your competitors, customers, wider stakeholders and suppliers. Then get clear on what in your business needs to adapt, in-line with the changes, to hit those commercial targets.

Finally no brand can survive these choppy waters without having a strategy that includes what success factors look like. What do you need to apply to your brand to make it a success this year?

Can't wait to teach you all about this in this weekends mentoring!


Kubi x

Click here to access your workbook

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