Personal Branding for Creatives by Ashley

BossSquad Member Ashley Kay Falletta, provides tips that you can do if you are a creative wanting to build your personal brand. Here is what Ashley has to say:

"Whether you are an entrepreneur, an entertainer, an author, an artist, or a thought-leader, you are a creative individual with ground-breaking talent. But it's not that talent that will shake the world.

It's you.

If you are ready to take your creative genius to the next level, it's important to remember that anyone can build a presence around a song and dance. But no one can replicate your story, your experience, and the unique journey that led you to be the beacon you are today.

That's where a personal brand comes into play.

Personal brand discovery requires a deep-dive self-reveal. Simply put: You need to know yourself to know your people. Once you back up your skill with a face, heart, and soul, you will reap the benefits of a captive audience, engaged followers, and booked jobs.

Here are 4 things to consider as you begin your journey towards becoming an influential personal brand:

Slow Your Roll

Slow the train down and start from the beginning. What, in your life, are you passionate about? What genuinely lights you up? Once you have a firm grasp on this, ask yourself: "Can I use my passion to (fill in the blank) others to (fill in the blank)?" Psst...with the right mindset, the answer is "yes!".

Street Cred

Take out a piece of paper or a voice recorder and consider this question: why should people listen to you? Make a list of accomplishments, big and small. Include any certifications, performances, publications, awards, case studies, or successful campaigns you have under your belt. If you don't have a long tally, don't sweat it. Rome was not built in a day. Remember that we are all life-long learners, so make a plan to beef up your resume. Engage in hands-on experiences by helping people out in exchange for a testimonial (just make sure they are your ideal client). Consider creating a portfolio to showcase your work with hypothetical clients, pitch yourself to podcasts, or check out some courses taught by industry pros on LinkedIn Learning or

Your Strengths

Now that you are ready to move forward, it's time to consider the things you excel at. Give your talent a name. Are you good at talking? Writing? Teaching? Art? Ask other people what they think. These are the tools you will use to make an impact as a leader in your industry. For example, if your talent is leading others and you can confidently speak to a crowd, keep public speaking or podcasting in the cards as your platforms of influence.


Start creating goals for your personal brand (hint: it goes way beyond "becoming an InstaStar"!). Do you want to be a coach? An author? An entertainer? A journalist? Brain-dump that destination on a piece of paper or phone app. Nothing is too big, too ridiculous or too far out of reach. Remember, you are one-of-a-kind and deserve it all!

Follow these steps, soup to nuts, and revisit them when you need a refresher. But know that this is just the beginning, a spring-board for the next steps to take towards impact and visibility. Start constructing your foundation, and you will soon feel confident enough to not only call yourself a personal brand but stepping into your role as the go-to person in your creative community."

Ashley Kay Falletta, Visibility Coach + Brand Strategist

Ashely is Group: Next Level. Connect with here HERE

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