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This Weeks Update!

Updated: Jan 10

Personal Branding Tips

Here are Kubi Springer's '5 Personal Branding Tips' to elevate your personal brand:

  1. Niche Down Your Offering - Position yourself in your industry as an expert, remember that experts get paid more than generalists. The more you niche down your offering the more you have a differentiator in the market.

  2. Social Proofing - Demonstrate your credibility as an industry expert. Where is the evidence that you are, who you say you are?

  3. Effective Story Telling - Effective story telling, authentic brand archetypes and concise brand messaging are the three key points on how to communicate your story effectively. Join the Mentoring Programme to learn more.

  4. Brand Positioning - Sometimes your capabilities, products and services are not the problem, it's just that you are ineffectively positioned. You need to look at your brand and determine whether you are in a saturated or hungry market?

  5. Social Capital - Ever heard of the saying 'show me your network and I will show you your net worth' ? Focus on forming relationships with people who can open doors to you and give you opportunities rather than aimlessly networking. When forming relationships, it is important to give before you ask for something. 'Givers gain' is a principle to work by.

For more tips and watch the full Instagram Live here

BossSquad Win of the Week!

Our BossSquad member, Martina Witter (from Group C) is featured in the Metro Newspaper talking about the importance of having access to a therapist of colour.

"When you’re choosing a therapist, it’s important that you find someone who can understand your perspective of the world. But for people from ethnic minority groups, there is a distinct lack of professionals who are able to relate to their specific life experiences – including issues of race, religion and culture – because the overwhelming majority of therapists are white." - Read the full article here

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