What Can We Learn From Brand Biden And Harris?

On January 20th, 2021, history was made. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris's inauguration has been one of the most anticipated events, and with good reason. Biden and Harris have managed to navigate the tumultuous world of politics and rise to the top of their field to reach two of the world's most prestigious positions.

On today's episode of the "BossSquad Radio Show," Brand Expert Kubi Springer talks about how, as business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders, we can learn from Mr. President and Madam Vice President 2021.

Brand Building takes TIME

President Joe Biden began his career in politics at the age of 29 years old. Now, at the age of 78, he has secured the highest office in the United States. What does this tell us? As Kubi says, "If you want to build a brand that has any degree of sustainability and longevity, it takes time." You are never "too old" or "too late" to reach success. The President of the United States paid his dues and worked to gain experience, knowledge, and authority for almost 50 years! If Joe Biden can have that type of grit, we can all do the same thing. Be patient with the process because when you try to fast-track your way to the top, you will not have built up the proper characteristics to be an effective and proper leader that the world needs. Leadership comes with responsibility, so Kubi encourages you to say right now, “I am going to be patient with the process, and be persistent and consistent. ‘Thank you, Jesus (or whoever you believe in), for putting me through the process so my character can be built; so when the opportunity comes, I am actually ready and qualified to do the responsibility that comes with this leadership.”

Negativity is Inevitable

Being a woman - as well as a black woman - Kamala Harris knew that her career was going to, unfortunately, be full of negativity not just because of some key decisions she made, but because of who she is. In other words, “There is going to be more mud thrown at you by default that you are a woman and a black woman, than your male counterparts”. In fact, because of some of her controversial actions, she has been shunned by whole entities, such as police unions for not pursuing the death penalty in 2004 for the murder of San Francisco police officer Isaac Espinoza. Despite these hardships, she was still able to rise above and become Vice President of the United States. The bottom line is: You need to have thick skin. Negativity is part of the journey. If you want to give yourself the title of entrepreneur, expert, leader, or boss, you will have to make some hard and fast decisions that people will not agree with as stakeholders, followers, or clients. Your job is to stay focused and deliver what you promise with, as Kubi states, “love, empathy, and understanding.”

Accountability and Responsibility

We are all human, and humans make mistakes, but some errors can be reputation-damaging if you are in the public eye. Both Biden and Harris have made some mistakes in their careers, but have at times, taken accountability for their actions. If you are leading out of ego, that means you are leading out of a place of fear. To be a leader you have to recognise your errors, own it and put forward the solutions. Instead of dwelling on what you said or did, or how you acted or didn't act, acknowledge it and ask, "How will you do things differently next time?". Apologies are powerful, especially as a leader, but even more powerful is coming up with solutions that focus on helping the people you serve.

Be Strategic

On December 3rd, 2019, Kamala Harris suspended her democratic presidential campaign. This sudden decision came as a shock to some people, especially because she was a strong, women-candidate. However, she cleverly pulled out at the right time to strategically position herself to be a pick for Vice President. There is a lesson to be learned with this story. There will be times where it appears that you are going backward in your life, business, or relationships, but it's essential to know that you are not a failure. You are an arrow. You must pull back to go forwards at full speed. There are going to be times when you’re building your brand where you feel like you are going backwards. Maybe you need to go back to school or live with your parents to save money, or leave your significant other and start over. It doesn't matter. Be OK with it because it needs to happen to get you to the place that you're meant to be. That is what Harris did in 2019. Oftentimes, the further you are stretched back, the faster you will catapult forward. So be like a bow and arrow, go backwards to go forward and then hit the target.

Keep the Focus...and the Faith

No matter what you believe, we are all called to do something that is a solution to a problem. The world needs us. Kubi speaks to her faith at this point in the show, and says to the believers,

“Stay focused and remember who you are...When you are unsure how to navigate the choppy waters, go quiet enough to have a conversation with the very Person who created you and gave you your assignment to say, ‘What do you want me to do next? And don’t apologize for the fact that you know you have a Creator that gave you an assignment.”

To apply this to this episode’s topic, Kubi speaks to this: Joe Biden is the second Catholic president, and he was proud to attend Mass the morning of the inauguration. He is unashamed by calling on his faith to center himself. Remember, you have been given a mission and a vision, and as long as you have faith in your role on this Earth, you will never be left high and dry.

Kubi’s advice to the future leaders of the BossSquad is this: The responsibility of leadership not only shines a light on the character you already have, but it shines a light on insecurities you have not dealt with. Take these tips and apply them to your brand-building journey, and you will soon become as successful as Biden and Harris are today.

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