Summer Challenge

Terms & Conditions

By signing the Summer Challenge terms and conditions you are agreeing to the following:


1.      Dates & Deadlines - to deliver the Summer Challenge project within the timeframe allocated - Start Date: Sunday 2nd August 2020 and Deadline Date: Saturday 22nd August 2020, with the full understanding that your projects need to be emailed to as a pdf presentation by no later than 12noon BST. Late submissions will be not included.


2.      Choosing To Participate - for those choosing to participate you understand that this challenge is required in partnership with a fellow BossSquad member from any group across the hub. If, for any reason, your partner decides to not continue with the challenge you have the right to continue on your own and if you win, you will gain full price for yourself.


3.      Protecting the IP - By working on the Summer Challenge you agree to keep your partners business ideas strictly confidential for any and all information that is not already in the public domain. You also agree to not try a duplicate your partners idea in any format or capacity. If your ideas are similar you will need to prove that you already had the idea before the Summer Challenge should you wish to use it. And; by participating in this challenge you agree to use all measures to protect your IP, with the full understanding that She Builds Brands Worldwide LTD is not responsible for any ideas that you have not projected through trademarking or copyrighting the ideas.


4.      Promotions - the Summer Challenge projects will not be promoted on the BossSquad.TV website or any social media channels unless the member agrees for SheBuildsBrands Worldwide LTD to do so in writing; or unless the member chooses to share the project on their own social media and thus the project is now not private and in public domain.


5.      Prize - the winning members who a) get as close to the £1,000 target and completes the marketing criteria to the standard of the judges (as set out in the project brief) will receive £500 (to be shared amongst the two members as £250 each), with the full understanding that payments will be delivered by bank transfer within 30 days of proof of sales receipt and members invoice. Plus, 30 minute complimentary session 1-2-1 with Kubi Springer (valid until 1st November 2020) and free spot on the BossSquad TV Show, season 1 (filmed September-December 2020).


6.      Winning Criteria - by participating this the Summer Challenge you do so with the full understanding that the choice of winner is strictly done by the judges based on the effectiveness of the campaign and the targets being achieved. All members will gain feedback other presentations to help them do better in the future. Feedback will be provided verbally upon request by the member.

Thank you for opting in!