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To all the movers and makers, the hustlers, the shakers. To those who shout loud, stand strong and when needed quietly move on. To those who build empires, move mountains, push boundaries, raise babies, make memories and refuse to take no for an answer. For those who are building their brands, business or personal, and are doing it without apology. To those who are creating legacies despite the fear, hurdles or blocks, To those who are refusing to stop.

This show is for you! Welcome to The BossSquad Show.

Love Kubi x

The BossSquad Show - Pilot 2 - on this show host Kubi Springer and co-host Kwame Badu sit down with studio guests Chantelle Bannister (fitness trainer) and Dior Davenport (founder of Shador) to have fun whilst reviewing their brands. 

International guest Ashley Kay (creative brand consultant) asks questions from New York City. Whilst Renee Linda (stylist) gives Style Tips from Canada on how to 'Boss Up Your Style'.

Special thanks to: Show Director Kashif Boothe, Make-Up by Nikki Bassy and sponsorship from Big Jam Studios, KB Consultancy, Be Green, Green, Green and SheBuildsBrands Worldwide Ltd.

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